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Mobile Apps: The new standard for business consumer interaction

We use our mobile phones to consume businesses like never before. But research indicates that consumers tend to turn away from the websites they find difficult to use on their phones.

Unlike websites, apps are specifically designed for mobile devices and have a range of device specific features that are not available on websites.

So why is it that globally, less than 4% of businesses have adopted a Mobile App.Inhibitors to Mobile App adoption

Traditionally the primary inhibitor of mobile app adoption by businesses has been price, with the typical mobile app costing anywhere between $25,000- $100,000+ to develop.

When you factor in the complexity and total cost of ownership of a Mobile App, including upkeep and coverage over multiple device platforms, the numbers add up.Enter the App Designer

Recently there have been many DIY Mobile App designers introduced to the market to help alleviate the cost and minimise the complexities of App maintenance.

App designers allow you to create your Mobile App by dragging and dropping predefined visual components on to a Webpage. These are then compiled and transformed into a downloadable Mobile App.Not all app designers are the same

Although the App Designer concept is novel, many of them turn out to be too “gimmicky” or are actually websites masquerading as mobile apps. What’s more, most of them do not offer the full range of native features that you expect from a Mobile App.Game changers

One company looking to innovate the app designer space is BoonCave, a home grown start-up with a fresh idea.

With BoonCave, not only do you get a great app designer with a full compliment of native features, but it also doubles as a business directory. All apps designed on the BoonCave platform can be searched and found, meaning that finding a business and interacting with its app is now a seamless experience.

But my favourite part is the innovative experience of finding a business on BoonCave. You simply hold up your phone to your surroundings and BoonCave will use its Augmented Reality feature to display nearby businesses through the camera on your phone. Incredible!New Directions

The introduction of affordable innovative Mobile Apps is sure to be a game changer for businesses and consumers alike. AK


< 4% Of businesses have a Mobile App

61% Of customers turn away from websites they find difficult to use and go instead to a competitor according to Google

40% Of your online traffic comes from mobile devices and this figure is rising!


BoonCave specialise in tailoring mobile solutions to your business needs and offer afordable innovative solutions.

To help understand how a Mobile App from BoonCave can benefit your business, contact the founder Janahan Seelan on or visit